GLBT marketing in Poland


GLBT marketing in Poland GLBT challenges in emerging markets Monika Czaplicka [email_address]
LGBTQ Campaigns in Poland SmithKlineBeecham – vaccine against hepatitis The Coca-cola Companie – Burn Universal Studio – Chuck and Larry SAS EasyJET Wienna Perroni N (tv platform) – Queer As Folk Gutek Film – Single man (like eBay) – couples Ikea – couple in the catalogue Kroft Food – Prince Polo Visit Britain Davidoff
About 2 milion gay and lesbians in Poland
2007r aport „Niech nas zobaczą: Geje i lesbijki w badaniach marketingowych” (Let them see us: gay and lesbian in marketing research) by TEGL (Towarzystwo Ekonomiczne Gejów i Lesbijek – Economical Gay and Lesbian Associacion)
People regulary using internet and visiting sites for LGBTQ.
72% of gay and lesbian has higher education or studies . Most ( 84% ) are from big cities (more than 100 000 inhabitants), more than half lives in a relationship . The income is about 40% higher than avrage from other internet users. 51% of working homosexuals are supervisors for someone else.
2004 by GLB Celsius (4 May 2004 in Wprost): ¾ polish gay and lesbinas erns more than avrage . But both surveys were declarative.
TEGL counted that the value of internet market in 2007 was 6,6 billion PLN (about 1,6 billiard euro).
2006 Brief (marketing magazine) and made a poll counting that 50% of gays declared that they would bought a product made for homosexuals . Next 20% would become a fan of the brand .



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